And thats about as much official information as I will reveal. My writing probably exposes more about me than I would ever realize or admit.

To quote my recent assignment from school,

Perhaps one of the most distinguished characteristics I possess would be to give others the benefit of my doubt. This was clearly the case as I received the details of this assignment in my email inbox. After reading it several times, I decided that the Professor had just confused the words “descriptor” (a computer programming technical term) with “description”. Perhaps that says another thing about me too: I am a lover of words and can spot a grammatical or spelling error from emails, newspapers, even menus, without effort.

Other things I can do without much effort are to smile at strangers, write a “Thank You” note, sing tunelessly, sleep late, eat horribly slowly, part with my money when it comes to shoes, go “Aww!” when I see cats, speed when I’m driving, sob at the movies and construct terribly long sentences. A sixty-year-old stuck in a 23-year-old body, I do not have Facebook and prefers handwritten notes to text messaging. I also seem to derive more joy from folding clothes than socializing at a barbeque. Far from being a misanthrope, I have much love & hope for humanity when they are not hurting, judging and killing each other.

With hair that reaches to the middle of my back, not many people have actually seen it because I don the hijab (head covering) while I try (and fail endlessly, and try again) to practice Islam to the best of my abilities. The eldest of two, I’ve learnt at a young age that hating your brother won’t make him go away and that he might actually grow up to be your good friend.

A final-year student majoring in Sociology, I prefer to be read rather than seen or heard.


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